Vehicle Fire Systems

Help protect your people and business from vehicle fires.

When you combine heat, flammable liquids, turbo chargers, exhaust fumes, electrical components and brakes in the enclosed space of an engine compartment, the potential risk of a fast and furious fire is high.

A vehicle accident or even a simple incident such as a burst hydraulic hose or faulty fittings in an engine compartment can have devastating consequences. Wormald offers a comprehensive range of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems to help defend against the threat of vehicle fire.

Wormald Fluorine Free Foam Water Spray Fire Suppression System

Fluorine Free Foams have the distinct advantage that they can be discharged without the need for containment and disposal.

AFEX Dry Chemical Agent Systems

Delivers three-dimensional protection against common threats including class A (debris), Class B (fuel) and Class E (electrical) fires, making it the most versatile agent for heavy equipment.

AFEX Liquid Agent Systems

Targets hot surfaces and separates hydrocarbon molecules to suppress Class A (debris) and Class B (fuel) fires. Provides exceptional cooling and protection against fire re ignition. Also penetrates debris and suppresses pooled fuel fires.

AFEX Dual Agent Systems

Maximises protection by applying both dry and liquid agent to specific hazard areas. Dry chemical provides fast knockdown and coverage, liquid agent targets hot surfaces for suppression and cooling.

ANSUL LVS (Liquid Vehicle System)

The ANSUL LVS (Liquid Vehicle System) fire suppression system is a versatile stand-alone liquid agent system that can be used to protect vehicles in various industries including mining, forestry, construction and transportation.

Ansul Dual Agent System

The Dual Agent System integrates the ANSUL® A-101 Dry Chemical System with the ANSUL® LVS (Liquid Agent) wet chemical system.

Ansul Dry Chemical System

Wormald’s Dry Chemical System is a pre-engineered system designed for the protection of industrial equipment operating in areas such as mining, waste handling, forestry and construction.

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