T-GEN 50 Tone Generator

T-GEN 50 is a tone generator and Public Access (PA) amplifier module for use as an occupant warning system, providing 50 watts rms of tone into a 100 volt line. Ideal for nursing homes and back packers accommodation.

The T-GEN 50 tone generator and PA amplifier module generates emergency warning signals for alarm and occupant warning systems where a full Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) approved to Australian Standards AS2220 or AS1670.4, is not required. Different tones can be selected including the AS2220 Alert and Evacuate signals and the ISO 8201 Temporal pattern Evacuate Signal. T-GEN 50 provides speaker line fault supervision, public address facilities and pre-recorded voice messages. Readily available accessories ensure that installing the T-GEN 50 is quick and easy.


  • Alert and Evacuate tones to AS2220.1
  • ISO 8201 Evacuate Signal (with keywords)
  • Optional Public Address (PA) microphone
  • Six stage rising amplitude Alert tone
  • No-tone version with recorded bell sound
  • Programmable Alert to Evacuate time delay (0 - 600 sec, or manual)
  • Pre-recorded “Alert” and “Evacuate” voice messages (two “Evacuate” options)
  • Power output (rms) up to 50W alarm tone, 25W speech (sine wave) into 100V line load
  • Background music input
  • Test link for unobtrusive speaker tests

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