MX VIRTUAL® Multi-Sensor Fire Detectors

The MX VIRTUAL® multi-sensor fire, smoke and heat detectors are ideal when installed with a VIGILANT® MX4428 or MX1 Fire Indicator Panel. They provides highly advanced, flexible fire detection technology in an attractive and cost effective package.

MX VIRTUAL® multi-sensor analogue addressable detectors are robust. They provide rapid response to fire conditions, with a very low false alarm rate. MX multi- sensor detectors include multiple detecting capabilities in a single unit. Possible detection modes include:

  • Smoke or CO detection only
  • Heat-enhanced smoke/CO detection only
  • Smoke/CO plus heat detection
  • The detection mode can be set at the fire detector panel, eliminating the need to visit each unit to make a change.

Reliable detection

The detectors have a high degree of reliability because their operation is simple. The detectors simply provide information about the level of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide and let the advanced fire detection algorithms in the MX fire panel determine whether or not a fire event is imminent.

MX VIRTUAL® detectors have an outstanding capability to detect fires early. In particular, their carbon monoxide detection capabilities provide a very early warning to slow smouldering fires, one of the main life safety risks in sleeping areas.

Self checking
A built-in self verification feature allows the ability to detect fire to be confirmed daily by the system. So that you can ensure all detectors are working correctly without the need to physically checking each individual detector separately.

A choice of functional bases
A range of bases are available on MX detectors, including an isolator base providing short-circuit isolation, sounder bases that allow for local alarms, and a relay base for programmable remote control.

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