Lay Flat Hose Training

This course is tailored to suit staff who are part of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) and who are required to fight larger than first attack fires.

The session aims to train staff on how to contain large fires until responding emergency services arrive. 

Target Audience: Emergency response teams that have lay flat hoses on site

Duration: 1.5 hour

Location: Your premises

Availability: This course is available in QLD, WA, NSW and VIC

Prerequisite: Nil

Participants: Maximum 15 per session

Course Overview: Equipment for this training is provided by the client so staff use the specific equipment available to them on their site. The course includes the following topics.

  • Hose sizes 65mm and 38mm
  • Number of persons needed to operate each size of hose
  • Hydrant types – above and below ground
  • Stand pipes
  • Coupling types – Storz and FBT
  • Adaptors
  • Coupling Spanners
  • Hose Lengths
  • Branch pipes and nozzles
  • Maintenance of hoses
  • Hazards associated with use of lay flat hoses

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