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Specialists in fire protection solutions for kitchens

A kitchen fire can be a dangerous and frightening experience. Although a fire may begin on a small appliance or in narrow ductwork, it can quickly spread throughout an entire kitchen.

Intense cooking heat, flammable oils, and built-up grease lining inaccessible ducts, all pose potential fire hazards to your restaurant and business. These days, higher temperature cooking oils and high-efficiency slow-cooling appliances have also combined to make fire suppression more challenging than ever before.

The biggest fire hazard in a restaurant is its kitchen. Whether a restaurant, hotel, club, fast-food outlet, school or hospital – all present the potential to be at risk of an unexpected kitchen fire.

Depending on your kitchen design and requirements, Wormald can install a system that offers you the ultimate in kitchen fire protection. Our range includes:

ANSUL® PIRANHA® kitchen fire suppression system

With the increased use of higher temperature cooking oils and high-efficiency, slow-cooling cooking appliances in today’s commercial kitchens, the risk of fire is changing.

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ANSUL® R-102 kitchen fire suppression system

The ANSUL® R-102 pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression system is designed to combat the dangerous fires that occur in cooking appliances and ductwork in commercial kitchens.

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