Wormald Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Wormald’s pre-engineered Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression System has been developed for the suppression of fires in the engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulic areas of; mining, quarrying, construction, waste disposal, agricultural and forestry vehicles, and mobile equipment.

This system discharges a continuous stream of foam water spray for approximately 60 seconds to rapidly suppress flames and dramatically cool hot surfaces to help prevent re-flash. At the same time the generated foam acts to smother fuel and oil-spill fires, helping to prevent re-ignition.

Wormald’s Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression System consists of a homogenous mixture of water and 6% foam concentrate (ANSUL® ICAO-B 6% AFFF) as the extinguishing agent. The nozzles target risk areas such as the turbo charger, exhaust manifold and starter motor in the engine compartment, the transmission compartments and the hydraulic pumps and valves. To allow safe and efficient operations, it features high-quality stainless steel foam storage containers, stainless steel discharge nozzles, steel-braided hydraulic hoses, protective stainless steel nozzle caps, an overpressure safety device and reusable crimped fittings. Depending on your requirements we can offer automatic system release with manual actuation, as well as an option of manual only actuation system.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to suit harsh Australian operating environments, the system can be recharged in situ. This is critical in remote regions where specialised support is not immediately available.

By undergoing a series of rigorous fire tests and system component type tests, Wormald Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression systems are CSIRO ActivFire™ listed as being compliant to AS 5062-2006 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.

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