Fire Safety Training

Customised fire safety and emergency training

Wormald provides real solutions to people and organisations confronted with emergency situations. As a world leader in fire and safety systems, we know that one of our most important services is emergency response training; because the impact of a crisis can be substantially reduced when people are trained to respond appropriately to it. 

Wormald's range of fire safety and emergency training courses give your staff the skills and confidence to make the right decisions and act quickly in the event of a workplace fire. Wormald's RTO has been delivering nationally recognised training through-out Australia since 1998. Training is provided by accredited trainers who can confidently guide your staff through practical theory and hands-on learning experiences.

In February 2016, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) changed its operating name from Tyco Australia Pty Ltd to Wormald Australia Pty Ltd, RTO Code 2839. In line with this change, and to further differentiate between Accredited (AQF Qualifications) and Non-Accredited Training, the RTO introduced two distinctive parchments with unique identifiers. Accredited Training is issued on Wormald RTO Parchment and Non-Accredited Training is issued on Wormald Non-Accredited Parchment*.

Wormald RTO Accredited parchment unique identifiers are:

  • Corporate Identifier Embossed Seal (Wormald®) in top right hand corner
  • Watermark branding of Wormald logo symbols in top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner
  • Unique parchment number linked to student database
  • NRT logo

Wormald Non-Accredited parchment unique identifiers are:

  • Corporate Identifier (Wormald®) in top right hand corner
  • Embossed Seal with Wormald slogan (Protecting Life and Property) and Establishment Date (Since 1889)
  • Watermark background of Wormald logo

Confined Space Entry Training

The Confined Space Entry training equips authorised employees with the knowledge and skills to safely enter and operate in confined spaces.

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Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)/ Warden Training

For employees who have been appointed as Wardens in an ECO. On completion they will understand how to operate as part of an emergency response team.

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Chief and Deputy Chief Warden Training

The practical use of Emergency Warning and Communication Systems, the theory of their duties and responsibilities, how to coordinate the operations of an ECO.

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Work Safety At Heights

Accredited course which provides the information and skills required to work safely at heights.

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Warden Refresher Training

Provides Wardens with a review of procedures and reinforcement of previous training sessions.

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Evacuation Exercise

This is a practical assessment of the ECO and the awareness of the general staff.

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Using Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

This course educates participants about the relevance of fire safety and provides the opportunity to develop operational techniques when using fire equipment in the workplace.

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Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) Training – QLD only

Only This training provides participants with the skills and knowledge to carry out the duties of a Fire Safety Adviser.

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Spill Response Training

This training course is an introduction to attending to hazardous liquid chemicals spills in a safe manner and utilising the relevant spill response materials.

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Lay Flat Hose Training

Tailored to suit staff who are part of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) and who are required to fight larger than first attack fires.

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General Staff Emergency Awareness Training

A theoretical awareness session covering the response of employees to an emergency in the work place.

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Fire Safety Officer (NSW Healthcare)

Wormald’s specialised Fire Safety Officer (NSW Healthcare) course specifically addresses the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS), NSW

Wormald can provide Annual Assessments, BCA Assessments and Fire Upgrade Assessments

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