Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment

Your emergency eyewash and shower equipment should be inspected and serviced each year. Wormald’s inspection and service is fast and cost-effective, and can be added to your annual fire equipment inspection schedule.

Your emergency shower and eyewash should be maintained to Australian Standard AS 4775:2007 ‘Emergency eyewash and shower equipment’.

Having your emergency eyewash and shower equipment regularly inspected and serviced help keeps it ready to operate when needed. An inspection and service:

  • checks the equipment is instantly operational as soon as it is activated
  • checks the equipment has the ability to deliver the correct amount of water at the correct pressure
  • checks signage is clear and complies with the Standard.

It is a requirement of Workcover, Worksafe, or similar regulatory bodies in most Australian states and territories that if the eyes or body of any person could come in contact with any substance that could cause injury, such as corrosive chemicals and the like, a way of quickly drenching or flushing eyes and body must be provided within the immediate work area. Australian Standard AS 4775:2007 defines the minimum requirements for this type of equipment.

If you don’t have your emergency eyewash and shower equipment properly maintained, it could give you and your workers a false sense of protection. It could also mean you have breached OH&S obligations, and you may be fined.

Worse still, poorly maintained emergency eyewash and shower equipment could lead to life changing injuries to an employee. Chemical and other splashes and spills can seriously maim and disfigure your workers. Emergency eyewash and shower equipment provide a speedy first line of defence to help reduce injury.

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