Ansul Dual Agent System

The Dual Agent System integrates the ANSUL® A-101 Dry Chemical System with the ANSUL® LVS (Liquid Agent) wet chemical system.  

This pre-engineered system uses the ANSUL A-101 dry chemical agent to provide fast knock down of the fire, combined with the rapid cooling effect of the wet chemical agent. Stored in tanks and discharged by nitrogen cartridges, the LVS agent cools surrounding areas, helping to contain fires and prevent re-flash. Because it is a liquid, the LVS agent flows along the same path as burning fuels to reach and suppress fires in areas where the dry chemical agent cannot. 

The Dual Agent System are now available with:  

  • The CHECKFIRE 210 System featuring supervised power, detection, release and communication circuits, 4000 + event history log , plug and play cable connections, electric actuation , battery back-up, system isolate, and time delays or as
  • A pressure operate (cartridge) actuation and includes an Ansul ASC-N CHECKFIRE indicator panel which features a key isolate switch, magnetic reset tool, history buffer, battery back-up, engine shutdown time delay.  

Both Systems are to maximise safety, convenience and effectiveness.

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