ANSUL® PIRANHA® kitchen fire suppression system

With the increased use of higher temperature cooking oils and high-efficiency, slow-cooling cooking appliances in today’s commercial kitchens, the risk of fire is changing. The ANSUL® PIRANHA® pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression system is a smarter way to help protect your kitchen.

Traditional wet chemical systems rely on a fixed amount of agent to both extinguish the fire and prevent it from reigniting while the fuel slowly cools. Water only spray systems can provide a cooling effect.

The PIRANHA® fire suppression system attacks fires by discharging a wet chemical ANSUL PRX® liquid fire suppressant. Rapid flame knockdown is achieved by the ANSUL PRX® reacting with the surface of the burning cooking oil to form a vapour sealing foam blanket. This discharge is then followed by a water discharge from the same nozzles, to rapidly reduce the time to cool the cooking oil below its auto-ignition temperature.

The PIRANHA® fire suppression system cools cooking oils up to 15 times faster than single-agent wet chemical systems, requires less wet chemical agent, covers high hazard areas and provides a cost-effective means to protect valuable cooking equipment.

The ANSUL® PIRANHA® fire suppression system is ActivFire™ listed by CSIRO.

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