Wormald recently held a customer forum to discuss the changes to the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 – Planning for emergencies in facilities. Our experts talked through the most significant differences between the AS 3745-2002 and the updated AS 3745-2010.

AS 3745 – Planning for emergencies in facilities provides a standardised methodology for managing emergency procedures and evacuations in the workplace. The Standard was first published in 1990 and was revised in 1995 and 2002. This fourth edition, released in November 2010, has changes affecting areas such as planning, procedures and training.

As these changes may affect your organisation, we would strongly recommend that all organisations review their procedures and programs and update as necessary. Although it is not compulsory to observe AS 3745-2010 it is widely recognised as best industry practice.

AS 3745-2010 outlines the minimum requirements for the establishment, validation and implementation of a facility’s emergency plan. The emergency plan must document all systems, strategies and procedures relating to emergency response management.

According to the revised Standard, buildings should have mandatory evacuation diagrams to inform a building’s occupants of evacuation and emergency information. Evacuation diagrams must be kept up-to-date as buildings and safety equipment change.

Another important element of the new AS 3745-2010 refers to emergency response exercises. In accordance with the Standard, organisations must review their response procedures and ensure any procedures are appropriate for their business application.

The revised Standard also provides guidance for the planning and implementation of an effective Emergency Planning Committee, Emergency Control Organisation and emergency response procedures. It also provides guidelines on how to effectively identify and assess hazards and potential emergency scenarios.

In relation to training, amendments in AS 3745-2010 have made it mandatory that training is conducted for at least one member of the Emergency Planning Committee, for the ECO and for the facility occupants. The revised Standard also outlines the minimum frequency for training.

A full copy of the amended AS 3745-2010 can be purchased through SAI Global 

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