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Detection and Evacuation

Early fire detection and rapid evacuation systems

When fire breaks out, every second counts. The earlier the fire can be detected and the faster you can get your people to safety, the lower the risks for your people, property and business.

Wormald designs and installs fire alarm and detection systems, fire indicator panels and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) that range from simple cost-effective manual systems through to large automated commercial or industrial solutions. Our range includes:


VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Detection and Alarm System
The simple and cost effective solution for small to medium installations. This product is an innovative multi loop analogue addressable fire indicator panel incorporating the latest technology. It complies with AS 7240.2 and features an integral Fire Brigade Panel to AS 4428.3.


VIGILANT® F3200 Fire Indicator Panel
An advanced panel that delivers economical and reliable monitoring and control for up to 64 fire detection zones. The VIGILANT® F3200 Fire Indicator Panel is suitable for small to medium applications, including; hospitals, retail stores and office fire detection is achievable.


VIGILANT® MX4428 Fire Indicator Panel
Providing a highly sensitive and rapid response with a very low false alarm rate, the VIGILANT® MX4428 panel is ideal for cost-effective small fire detection systems or major industrial solutions.


VIGILANT® QE90 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS)
Flexible and fully-featured, the VIGILANT® QE90 facilitates a fast and orderly building evacuation to protect people and property in an emergency. VIGILANT® QE90 EWIS is designed to deliver early warning to occupants in the event of an emergency where mass-notification is required.

Components and Accessories

In addition to our panels, we also offer an extensive range of components and accessories to help compliment your alarm and evacuation panels, including; detectors, audio and visual warning ancillaries and additional optional extras. Our range includes:


MX Series Addressable Modules
The MX Series Addressable Modules provide an interface between a wide range of fire alarm devices and VIGILANT® MX4428 Fire Indicator Panel, which can extend the functionality of your fire detection systems to include a range of other capabilities.


MX VIRTUAL® Multi-Sensor Fire Detectors
The MX VIRTUAL® multi-sensor fire, smoke and heat detectors can be implemented by the VIGILANT® MX4428 and MX1 Fire Indicator Panels, as one of many MX VIRTUAL® detectors. This provides highly advanced, flexible fire detection technology in an attractive and cost effective package.


Warning Systems Ancillaries – Audio
A range of audio devices that provide notification by tones, alerting persons of a fire event


Warning Systems Ancillaries – Visual
A comprehensive range of visual devices that provide notification via lights, alerting persons of a fire event


T-GEN 50 Tone Generator
T-GEN 50 is a tone generator and Public Access (PA) amplifier module for use as an occupant warning system, providing 50 watts rms of tone into a 100 volt line. Ideal for nursing homes and back packers accommodation.


Mk2 Audio Visual Indicator
Providing both visual and audible warning, the Mk2 Audio Visual Indicator (AVI) sign is ideally suited for gas suppression installations where occupants need precise and accurate warning.


MINERVA® S200 PLUS Triple Waveband Infrared Flame Detection
The S200+ family of infrared flame detectors lend themselves well to intrinsically safe and flameproof environments when the source of fire is flammable/volatile areas, such as; in process areas, aircraft hangers, petro-chemical facilities.


STI-CIS Speech Intelligibility Meter
A sound level meter and speech intelligibility analyser used to test your alarm and evacuation sound system to ensure it is intelligible considering the acoustics within your building


VESDA systems
Aspirating smoke detection for early warning applications where response to a fire is critical

If you’re looking for smoke alarms for your home, see our residential fire products.


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